Agunim Crisis

What’s the most effective way to solve the agunot crisis? Solve the agunim crisis first!

Today in many Jewish communities the real divorce problem that must be addressed, before the agunot crisis can be corrected, is the “agunim” problem. The “agunim” problem refers to Jewish men who cannot remarry due to either halachic prohibitions or due to financial collapse as a result of their wife’s divorce actions. This problem is rarely discussed in the Jewish media or by Orthodox rabbis.

Jewish men in divorce situations are advised correctly by their rabbis that they  cannot deliver a halachic GET to their wives when the men are subjected to vicious harassment, intimidation, and coercion from various “agunot” groups and activists, such as the YU ORA group. Jewish men are prohibited by halacha from delivering a GET under these conditions, and thus become virtual “agunim”. The feminist “agunot” groups are also fully responsible for creating the fake “agunot” resulting from harassment directed against Jewish husbands designed to coerce a GET.

Even IF these “agunim” were to give a GET to their wives, in many cases the wives of these “agunim” are litigating in non-Jewish courts in violation of HALACHA. In such cases these men may be denied proper parenting time with their beloved children, while their time and energy is expended on legal defense efforts, and while they are financially crushed by legal fees, debts, child support, and alimony payments. These nightmare conditions prevent these men from getting remarried and cause them to become virtual “agunim”.

Whoever really wants to fix the so-called “agunah” problem should direct their efforts to fixing the “agunim” problem first. When Jewish men’s rights are treated respectfully by their wives, by the agunot groups, and by the politicized feminist rabbis, and when Jewish men feel that their divorce disputes have been resolved fairly and according to Torah law, these men will likely deliver a GET to their wives in most cases. The so-called “agunah” problem will then be resolved in most cases.

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